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Fresh fruits dried in shelved equipment, produced by "Suren-Ani LLC" are isolated from external environment, dust and insects. During the process of drying with warm air all useful properties and vitamins of fruits remain, lower cost of electricity is achieved; drying period is shorter in comparison with drying period of similar equipment of other manufacturers. The temperature and humidity level in the drying cell is regulated by electrical hygrometer and thermometer.


Temperature and duration of drying process in the drying cell depends on type of fruits, weight and volumes. For example, for apricots drying duration is 25 hours at a temperature of 70օC with the further decrease to 50օC. In case of humidity level increase in the drying cell, exhaust valves are opened and additional stream is released out of the drying cell. Drying duration for fruits is: apricot – 24 hours, black plum – 30 hours, fig – 27 hours, apple – 35 hours. The front and side walls of the drying equipment are made of steel sheet with the window on the front door with 5x20 cm dimension and lever handle. Equipment set is wheeled. Internal walls of the drying box are made of stainless steel. Equipment capacity is 100-1000 kg as a standard. Options with capacity of over 1000 kg can be produced on customer’s request.


Equipment capacity


Sizes, cm


150 kg

180 kg

115 x 60 x 210


300 kg

300 kg

115 x 110 x 210

Inside grilles on shelves (on which products are distributed) are made of plastic and are installed on pine-tree. Distance between the shelves is 10 cm. According to customer’s request manufacture of steel grilles is also possible.


Equipment capacity

Quantity of shelves

Quantity of trays

Dimensions of 1 tray, cm


500 kg



45 x 95


750 kg



45 x 95




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